Take charge of your payments

Specific to the legal field, PaymentStars simplifies the process of collecting payments by making it easy to accept credit cards and electronic checks in-office, over the phone, or online. Credit card terminals at the front desk allow clients to pay with one simple swipe on the way out the door while allowing your staff to make back-office payments that come in over the phone, saving you time and money. Even better – clients can use an online payment portal to make payments 24/7, outside of regular office hours.

PaymentStars can help your office save costs and increase payment efficiency by giving you access to:

  • Flexible, automated recurring payment plans for your clients
  • Website payment portals for 24/7 online retainer payments
  • Combined deposit & statement for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • Electronic Check processing
  • Immediate fund & payment confirmation

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Credit/debit card processing

ACH/eCheck processing

Point-of-sale software integration

Automated recurring payments

Website payment portals

Comprehensive reporting

Immediate fund & payment confirmation

Office closures don’t have to mean missed payments; we can provide a secure online payment portal allowing any client to make a retainer or account payment anytime. There are no equipment costs, the data entry process is streamlined, and accounts receivables are reduced.

Information Capture

PaymentStars’ solutions offer you a way to capture and securely store credit card and client information for future payments, reducing collection efforts for unpaid bills and lifting the weight of large, one-time payments off your client’s shoulders.

Recurring Payments

Allow clients to pay their retainer online and continue making easy payments until their bill is paid in full. We can help you set up a convenient recurring payment plan so he or she can pay in installments or on a recurring basis.

Billing Inserts

Our graphic design team will provide you with custom-designed billing inserts for payment notifications. Use them along with your typical invoice mailings to spread the word about your online options. Don’t miss a beat in payment collection.

“Last year we began taking credit cards through PaymentStars. Within 30 days our receivables were up by 80% and within three months they were up by 90%! It’s the best decision our office has made in a long time. If you are considering PaymentStars, stop considering and do it now!”

Wendi Moist, Legal Assistant | Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor

Bring Your Payments Up to Speed

  • Month-to-month contracts
  • Professional payment services consultants
  • Personal service & support
  • Easy to read statements
  • Online reporting
  • Next-day funding
  • Fast approval for all major credit cards