Rethink Your Payment Options

We’ve made it easier, safer, and faster for healthcare providers to receive electronic payments. Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, Transend Pay expedites claim payments and offers standardized remittances and simplified reconciliation for more efficient administration.

Discover the Benefits of Transend Pay

Existing claim payment methods have inherent drawbacks. Paper checks and the associated reconciliation processes can increase administrative work. ACH can entail cumbersome enrollment processes, and virtual credit cards can be lost or misplaced.

Transend Pay is a unique and reliable payment method that remedies these issues, helping you to both enhance cash flow through fast payment receipt and streamline administration through availability of remittance data with each payment.

Want More?

Standardized ERA
with distribution options to automate posting processes

Simplified reconciliation
through inclusion of Trace Reassociation Number with the payment

Accelerated payments
that are up to 3 to 7 days faster than check

Safe and reliable method
for receiving payment

Easy program enrollment
allows you to get started quickly

Transend Pay is more efficient than paper check processes

While checks received directly by a healthcare provider may have little to no direct cost, the indirect costs associated with paper check processes could be slowing down cash flow and hampering administrative effectiveness. Electronic deposits do not require staff to open, record, reconcile, and deposit payments.

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