Print. Scan. Done.

Scan items in register mode to speed up customer checkout. Scan items with existing barcodes and add them directly into inventory. Print labels in different sizes using any work or home printer.

Do you have this color in my size?

Organize your product inventory using multiple variations such as size, color, and style. Create hundreds of different combinations in just a few steps. Set price, cost, quantity at the variation level.

Accept returns with ease!

Issue a partial refund or store credit when accepting a return. Optionally link your store credit to a customer record. Accept store credit as a new payment type and look up credit by customer name, or just scan the receipt.

“The reason we chose talech was because it was nicely priced and the amount of reporting is incredible. You can go all the way down to the product level.”
Nashville Municipal Auditorium | Nashville, TN

Run your business better today!

Easy to set up
“It takes less than 30 minutes.”

Easy to learn
“I trained my employees in 2 minutes!”

Easy to understand
“I set my weekly sales goals using talech.”

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  • iPad Stand
  • Receipt Printer
  • Barcode Scanner

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