We Make it Clear & Simple

PaymentStars offers easy-to-understand pricing that helps you stick to your budget and predict your cost of accepting payments. Choose the pricing model that works best for your business, and if your payment needs change, we will continue to support you with simple solutions that grow with your business. We make payments easy.

With Clear & Simple pricing you know exactly what your processing costs will be based on how you process transactions. Do you swipe the card or key-enter card numbers? That’s all you have to know. It’s that simple.

    • No downgrades
    • No PCI Compliance fees
    • No statement* reporting or fees
    • No monthly minimum processing fees
    • No cancellation fees
    • 24-48 hour funding
    • 24/7 local customer service

*Online statements included; paper statements may carry a fee.

Simple Rates for Your Business

2.75% & $0.29
card swiped

3.50% & $0.29
key entered

monthly fee

one-time setup fee

Want More?

Clear & Simple Pricing Includes:

  • Virtual Terminal
  • Converge Gateway
  • Back-office payment processing
  • Back-office recurring payments
  • Mobile processing
  • Reporting tools
  • Data Exporting

Optional Equipment:

USB Card Reader: $125.00

Mobile Card Reader: $125.00

Custom Web Portal: $100.00