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Businesses increasingly use ACH for customer payments rather than credit/debit cards as the baseline cost for Electronic Checks is, in most cases, less expensive than paying the interchange, dues, fees, assessments, authorization fees, and compliance costs associated with credit/debit card transactions.

Our Electronic Check Service reduces the risk and cost associated with accepting checks. ECS converts all paper checks – consumer and business – into secure, efficient electronic transactions. By submitting checks through the same system that you use to authorize credit cards, you can lower costs and accelerate your cash flow.

PaymentStars supports multiple ways to process electronic check transactions, offering a variety of robust and secure electronic check processing solutions:

  • Website payment portals
  • Donation portals
  • Virtual terminals
  • NACHA file exchange
  • Automated recurring payments & donations
  • eCheck tokenization securely stored on file in a payment vault
  • APIs and gateways

The Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) processing network is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. The rules and regulations are managed by NACHA and the Federal Reserve.


Credit/debit card processing

ACH/eCheck processing

Point-of-sale software integration

Mobile payments

PCI Compliance assistance

Comprehensive reporting

Multi-location support

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Check Guarantee Processing

Our Electronic Check Service with Check Guarantee reduces the risk and cost associated with accepting paper checks. Conversion with guarantee secures the funds, converts the check to an electronic transaction and shifts the risk of returned items to the guarantor.

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Remote Check Deposit

Our Remote Check Deposit solution eliminates manual check reconciliations, deposit preparation, trips to the bank, and handling returned paper checks. By submitting checks through the same system you use to authorize credit cards, you can lower costs and accelerate your cash flow.

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ACH Debit Transactions

Frequently used for insurance premiums, mortgage loans, rent payments, HOA dues, taxes, healthcare, school tuition and fees, church tithes and offerings, and nonprofit donations.

ACH Credit Transactions

Often used for direct deposit payroll and vendor payments or for transferring funds between checking accounts at different financial institutions.

“PaymentStars is great to work with. Their service is fast, professional, and the people are knowledgeable. They set up payment solutions in each of my offices and for my website, allowing my patients to make payments at their convenience. PaymentStars has allowed me to streamline my operations, saving time and thousands of dollars in processing fees yearly.”

Dr. Steven Gilman | Gilman Orthodontics

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