Table for four, please.

With table layout, you can set up a floor plan with multiple rooms, view your open and seated tables, start orders, and assign tables. Even accommodate larger parties by joining several tables together.

Your orders sync automatically between devices so you can start an order on one iPad and close it on another.

Can I get it medium-rare with extra bacon and NO mayo?

Use add-ons and exclusions to modify your items. Use multiple variations to create items by size or cooking style. If you have seasonal menus or you’re out of stock, you can hide certain items or categories. Any changes you make are updated in real-time on the web or app.

We’d like to split this check 7 ways. Is that OK?

For Talech, it’s no problem! Allow people to pay for their tab using our split payment feature and accept any combination of payment methods. Accept tips on paper receipts or have customers sign on device and leave tips using pre-defined amounts or a custom amount.

“With Talech, I can train my employees in under 10 minutes.”
Fuel Cafe | Palo Alto, CA

Run your business better today!

Easy to set up
“It takes less than 30 minutes.”

Easy to learn
“I trained my employees in 2 minutes!”

Easy to understand
“I set my weekly sales goals using talech.”

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